Board of Director's Meeting 12/8/2020

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Call to Order 00:02:10

Awards and Presentations 00:05:46

Opening of Meeting to Electors of Taxpayers 00:05:56

Adoption of Minutes of Previous Meeting 00:30:19

Communications 00:31:19

Manager's Report - TLC Program and Funding 00:37:50

Manager's Report - Joel Cox 01:04:54

Presentation of Bid Waiver Requests 01:21:24

Public Hearings-Appropriations to Special Projects 01:21:34

PH - Appropriations to Education Special Projects 01:24:55

Consent Calendar 02:34:58

Actions on Items of Public Hearing 02:37:41

Unfinished Business 02:38:20

New Business 02:44:13

Comment and Discussion by Board Members 04:01:47

Adjournment 04:04:33

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